Thursday, April 29, 2010

Rolly-Polly Me

Ok, I am not as big as I used to be.  But  I remember being pretty fat, and I remember people asking if I was pregnant when I weighed 175.  Then when I gained more, I never got that reaction again, cuz when I first gained weight, it was all in my tummy.  Then it arrived in my face, my arms, etc.

And considering my height, when I was at my heaviest I looked a lot bigger than I should have.  My largest size was 20, and my top weight was 205.  I am now a size 16, which is more than double when I weighed 135.  Only 35 pounds lighter than I am today.  Most people do not lose 7 sizes with 35 pounds.  Everyone looks different and because I have no muscle, my weight is more fat than anything else.

So yes, I was definitely a rolly-polly.  If I had the nerve I would post a pic of my belly today, but I am too embarrassed by the "overhang." 

I am still a "rolly-polly" but I am learning to live with it.  I would rather be healthy than skinny.  Follow my health journey at my blog "My Health Quest" @