Monday, April 5, 2010

Putting Things Into Perspective

About 3 months ago I was admitted to the hospital for a week.  During that time I think I only ate the last day and 1/2.  I lost about 20 pounds during my stay there.  The last time I weighed this much was about 10 years ago.  My face has slimmed down, so now I am at that stage where people wonder if I'm fat or pregnant.  I used to get asked all the time before when my baby was due, and I'd just look them straight in the eye and say "Never.  I'm just fat."  The reactions I got were priceless.  Usually people would get extremely embarrassed.  I got such a kick out of it!  Of course no one would ask me that now as I'm closing in on the half-century mark.

Anywhos, they would weigh me each day while I was still in bed.  They have some new contraption that will subtract the tare weight (the bed) from the total weight.  I was told my weight in kilograms.  Well, they might have well just spoken to me in Latin or Greek.  I have no idea how much a kilogram is! 

When I finally got home from the hospital, it was my mission to find some old clothes, to see what I could fit into.  I figured I could get a better idea of my weight by what size clothes I could fit into.  Now I realize that weight and size are not synonymous, but I could get close.

I found a pair of khaki overalls I bought about 12 years ago, and they actually fit!  I was dumbfounded!  So I put them on and was strutting my stuff and told anyone that would listen "I haven't worn these in over 10 years!"

Enter youngest son: "I don't blame you, they're UGLY."

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