Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Cool Give Aways

Courtney at Coo Coo Courtney has some great giveaways she is offering!  There are a total of 10.  I entered two:  Go Natural Makeup which is 8 products in one that enhances and reflects your natural skin tones, so it always looks natural and self-adjusts to work on everyone.  Pretty cool!   I quit wearing makeup years ago cuz I could never find the right shade.

I also entered the Flexi 8 giveaway, which is a cool, non-slip, completely unique, flexible barrette that holds thick, thin, curly, straight, fine or coarse hair.

She also gives incentives to give you more entries (such as following her blog, etc.)  Today I think she went into surgery, but I think the giveaways only last until April 24th, so head over there pronto!

And I love her blurb: Don't Follow in my Footsteps, I run into Walls.  Isn't that great?

See you there, but don't win what I entered for!

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