Saturday, April 10, 2010

Announcement: PLEASE READ and respond!

I am officially now getting random spam comments.  And most of them are sex related.  Do you get these?  Thank goodness for comment moderation! 

Right after I posted this I read this:

It has a LOT of great advice when it comes to making your blog "load friendly" but advocates not using comment moderation.  After all of the spam comments I have received it begs I ask this question:  Does anyone know of a good spam blocker for comments?  Because she also reminds us we can read and reply to comments via e-mail.  I would prefer that rather than moderate comments.

ALSO...what is up with peeps commenting that they are following when they're not?  (This is happening more so at my other blog "What's a Mom to Do?" @  (check it out if you haven't already!)

Anyway, visit my blog, follow if you want, or don't, but please don't tell me you are when your're not!  It's NOT that hard to figure out on my end!  Please don't insult my intelligence this way!  Just ask me to visit your blog, and I will!  If I like it, I will follow you.  I don't require you following me to follow you!

FINALLY...Please please please! VOTE on my button, don't just tell me which one you like.  I don't know who voted and who didn't.  Right now there is a tie between the first one and the last.  Several peeps have given me their opinion, but I am going to use the poll to decide.  And there are only 16 hours left!


Still really sick, but hoping tomorrow I am able to reciprocate and follow you all back!


Gennie said...

Hi,I am following you from Friday Follow,I'd so appreciate it if you'd consider following my art blog at

Jessica said...

oh boy! That all sounds frustrating!

SueDohNihm said...

Sorry you are getting comments like that. Thankfully none have hit me. I see you are still tied so I say, the 3rd one! lol :-) Just stick each on and see which looks best to you!

Hope you feel better soon.

Shannon said...

I have had some spam too, the is the evils of the internet...unfortunately...thanks for reposting molly's cute little ditty...I don't take exception, tis okay with me and her! Thanks for linking back to her and I you rock!