Saturday, March 27, 2010

Tube Boob(s)

So when a person gains weight, it's gained everywhere, and most people gain more in certain places.  But since you do gain everywhere, that includes your boobs (men and women alike.)  The problem with that is, if you are my age, you don't really want bigger boobs.

Why?  Because gravity is setting in...BIG TIME.  And the bigger the boobs, the more they sag.  So now because I'm so overweight, I've got way bigger boobs than I did when I was thin.  And boy do they sag.  And what makes it even worse is that because when I was younger, I was stupid (like most of us) and was unconcerned about getting older, certainly never considered that I'd gain weight or that my boobs would get bigger.  And of course because my boobs weren't that big back then, I went braless...a LOT.  Hence, the sag factor is exponential.  It's actually comical how much they sag. 

Now I'm not a big fan of men's mags, but I remember when I was younger someone showed me a cartoon in a Playboy magazine (I think) and it was of a topless old lady with super saggy boobs.  That's all I remember, but when I look in the mirror, I could swear they used my boobs as templates for hers.

Of course that's impossible, but in any case the resemblance is uncanny.  And I'm wondering if they'll reach my belly button when I'm her age?

Friday, March 26, 2010

Couldn't Have Said it Better

There are a few TV shows of which I am a die hard fan, one of them being "Dancing with the Stars."  If you don't watch the show, you should still be able to appreciate this post.  Niecy Nash is on this season, and she is a comedienne and an actress.  She is on Clean House, The Insider, and Reno 911, and I don't watch any of those shows.  However, I have seen her on the commercials for Clean House.  And she is a little chunky.

Anyway, during the first practice session, she's talking to her dance partner, and she said the following (which I am paraphrasing because I heard it last Monday):
"I like being here, however I have one major concern.  I'm not like most people.  I like my jiggly parts.  I like meat.  I like a little junk in the trunk."  She then went on to say how she's watched the show before and she's seen people lose weight and get thin and she's just not sure she wants that.

Like I said, I couldn't have said it better myself, and kudos to her for saying it on one of the top rated National TV shows!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sure Has Been Awhile

Not sure why I stopped blogging here.  Could have been time constraints (I got a new job around the time I stopped posting and I had the commute from hell) or possibly I felt I didn't have anything else to say, I'm not sure.  But I am reviving this blog, so check in each day, I should have new postings.  I also have added a few more things to this blog, so check it out!