Monday, November 8, 2010

Do You Remember When...

You first realized you got fat?  I remember knowing I was gaining weight, but still didn't consider myself fat.  I just wore looser clothes, no biggie, right?

But the minute I tried to put on some thigh-highs and they wouldn't go past my knees, THAT'S when I knew.  I was devastated!  I had never had a scale in my home, so I had no idea I had gained that much weight.  And then it was all downhill from there.

I had to start buying larger clothes.  Several sizes larger.  And then a few years later, I had to buy even bigger clothes!  Even my "fat clothes" didn't fit anymore!  Eventually I had to go to the doctor and I was shocked to find out I weighed 200 pounds!  That's when I started REALLY looking at my body, and when I finally opened my eyes I could see the fat knees, my back, my arms, my face.  I knew I was fat in the tummy, but refused to see it anywhere else.  But when your boobs START underneath your arm pits, well...THERE'S YOUR SIGN!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Wow, it's really been that long?

I have been extremely computer unfriendly the last several months, but I didn't realize my last post was so long ago!  Yikes!  Sorry to all those faithful followers of mine.  I am planning to post at the minimum once a week from here on out, hopefully more.


Thursday, April 29, 2010

Rolly-Polly Me

Ok, I am not as big as I used to be.  But  I remember being pretty fat, and I remember people asking if I was pregnant when I weighed 175.  Then when I gained more, I never got that reaction again, cuz when I first gained weight, it was all in my tummy.  Then it arrived in my face, my arms, etc.

And considering my height, when I was at my heaviest I looked a lot bigger than I should have.  My largest size was 20, and my top weight was 205.  I am now a size 16, which is more than double when I weighed 135.  Only 35 pounds lighter than I am today.  Most people do not lose 7 sizes with 35 pounds.  Everyone looks different and because I have no muscle, my weight is more fat than anything else.

So yes, I was definitely a rolly-polly.  If I had the nerve I would post a pic of my belly today, but I am too embarrassed by the "overhang." 

I am still a "rolly-polly" but I am learning to live with it.  I would rather be healthy than skinny.  Follow my health journey at my blog "My Health Quest" @

Sunday, April 25, 2010


I have weighed more than my husband for over ten years.  He is 6'3" and I am 5'6".  So he has 9 inches on me!  AND he's a man!  He has weighed (give or take) about 176 since high school (he is 54 now.)  When I realized I lost twenty pounds in the hospital a few months ago, I was ecstatic!  I FINALLY weighed less than him!  YAY!

But then he had to go and get sick this month, and he lost 20 pounds in 3 weeks. 
So now he only weighs about 156, and even though I lost weight, he now still weighs less than me.  WHAT THE HECK?  Is this karma?  I am NOT happy he lost weight due to sickness, please understand.  And OMG, he's 6'3" and at that height 176 pounds is a skinny minny!  Can you imagine 156?

But it's like no matter what, I am gonna be his fat wife.  Even if I lose weight, something happens to keep his weight under mine.  Selfish me, narcissistic me, conceited me...I'm sorry, but I don't want to weigh more than my husband, and I want him to be at a healthy weight!

Ok, so I'm whining.  I don't think he looks any different, but he says his butt is so small, it hurts to sit!  So in all earnestness, I want him to be heavier than me so that he can sit comfortably.  (Did I talk you into believing that?)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Here's My Beef

I must admit it, I am a die hard fan of the show "The Biggest Loser."  Guilty pleasures and all that.  But I have a big issue...

Most of the women on that show's goal weight is what I weigh now.  So why do their bodies look so much better than mine? 

Granted, those people become athletes, and have much more muscle than I do, and since muscle weighs more than fat, we don't have the same fat content.

But still, it can be so discouraging at times!  I can rationalize it all I want, and I can tell myself "I weigh LESS than that, so I must look that good", but the mirror just laughs at me.  I can't run, I can't hide, I look the way I do.

My son said to me when I was watching the show one time "Mom, why don't you go on that show?"  And I replied "I don't think I weigh enough."  And he looked at me and said "EXACTLY!"

Gotta love your kids!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

To all my loyal readers and followers...

Sorry I have been gone so long...

About 3 weeks ago hubby got really sick, then gave it to me about a week later. Last Monday I went for a followup appointment at my doctor re: my BP and cholesterol. When I got there my oxygen was 89%, and he had me walk around hooked up to the monitor and it dropped to 83% and my pulse was 110. He sent me to the ER and I was admitted to the hospital. I was discharged yesterday. The last question my ER doc asked me was "If you quit breathing, do you want us to take heroic measures to keep you alive?"

I am only 49...that question scared the CRAP out of me. So I really need to change my ways.

Also, at my insistence, Hubby also went to the doc on Monday cuz I told him it was unnatural to be that sick for three weeks. Turns out he had an infection that spread throughout his body. His BP was 103/65. He was also admitted to the hospital and was released today.

I have always said I would die before him, but now I'm not so sure.

Looks like our lives of hard and fast living are catching up to us.

But now that I am better I will be posting again.  If you would like to follow my progress on improving my health, you can do so here @ My Health Quest.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

This is WAY too cute!

Ok, I just HAD to re-post this.  One of my newer followers is Shannon and you can find her blog "Faith Hope & Love" here (be sure to check it out!)  But her daughter also has a blog "Molly's World", and that one can be found here.  So check out hers, too.  She hasn't posted much, but it's cute.

Anyway, one of her posts fits this blog perfectly, so in the spirit of sharing (NOT stealing content) I am re-posting one of Molly's posts (once again...can be found here.)  This was just too cute to wonder if anyone might not want to click on the link.

Shannon, if you find exception to this, please let me know and I will remove it! 

I'm too fat!

Darn I'm too fat to scratch my own patootie!  I guess I'm going to have to go on a diet!

 Have you ever had one of those days where you get an itch on your foot and you're too big to reach it because your stomach gets in the way?  Personally I have never had one of those days but I have had one of those where the itch never goes away!  It's not very fun!!! ~~Written by Molly~~

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Announcement: PLEASE READ and respond!

I am officially now getting random spam comments.  And most of them are sex related.  Do you get these?  Thank goodness for comment moderation! 

Right after I posted this I read this:

It has a LOT of great advice when it comes to making your blog "load friendly" but advocates not using comment moderation.  After all of the spam comments I have received it begs I ask this question:  Does anyone know of a good spam blocker for comments?  Because she also reminds us we can read and reply to comments via e-mail.  I would prefer that rather than moderate comments.

ALSO...what is up with peeps commenting that they are following when they're not?  (This is happening more so at my other blog "What's a Mom to Do?" @  (check it out if you haven't already!)

Anyway, visit my blog, follow if you want, or don't, but please don't tell me you are when your're not!  It's NOT that hard to figure out on my end!  Please don't insult my intelligence this way!  Just ask me to visit your blog, and I will!  If I like it, I will follow you.  I don't require you following me to follow you!

FINALLY...Please please please! VOTE on my button, don't just tell me which one you like.  I don't know who voted and who didn't.  Right now there is a tie between the first one and the last.  Several peeps have given me their opinion, but I am going to use the poll to decide.  And there are only 16 hours left!


Still really sick, but hoping tomorrow I am able to reciprocate and follow you all back!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Please Don't Forget

To help me decide which button to choose for this blog.  There are four choices, and they are in the third post below this one.  Use my poll on the right to vote!

Thanks in advance!

My apologies to all, today (Friday, April 9th)  I am very very sick, and about the most I was able to accomplish today was publishing comments.  I only had the strength to follow one blog.  Hopefully I will feel better tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Cool Give Aways

Courtney at Coo Coo Courtney has some great giveaways she is offering!  There are a total of 10.  I entered two:  Go Natural Makeup which is 8 products in one that enhances and reflects your natural skin tones, so it always looks natural and self-adjusts to work on everyone.  Pretty cool!   I quit wearing makeup years ago cuz I could never find the right shade.

I also entered the Flexi 8 giveaway, which is a cool, non-slip, completely unique, flexible barrette that holds thick, thin, curly, straight, fine or coarse hair.

She also gives incentives to give you more entries (such as following her blog, etc.)  Today I think she went into surgery, but I think the giveaways only last until April 24th, so head over there pronto!

And I love her blurb: Don't Follow in my Footsteps, I run into Walls.  Isn't that great?

See you there, but don't win what I entered for!

Monday, April 5, 2010


I REALLY owe all my followers here an apology.  You have all posted GREAT comments.  Unfortunately, I have been so wrapped up in my other blog, especially since I lost so much, I haven't been paying enough attention to this one!

I have seen a number of new followers here, and couldn't figure out why I had so few comments on my posts.  Well, I just figured it out...can we all say "LIGHTBULB"?  On my other blog peeps can post a comment without moderation, without having to verify anything.  So I assumed this blog was the same.  After all, it's been a few years since I made this one!

Turns out, I need to modify all comments on this blog (which actually I like, cuz then I can keep up with comments.)  I just didn't realize it.  I had 46 unmoderated comments.  I accepted them all, and please understand why I didn't respond to any, or follow any of you back.  That is my goal tomorrow, to follow everyone's blogs back, and to reply to comments.  Look for my replies on your blogs.

Thanks for all of your wonderful comments.  I am so glad you all like this blog, I was worried that people might be offended.  So I will be sure to keep posting!  And please help me decide on which button to use.  I depend on your opinions!!!!!!!!!!!

BIG HUGE HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!

I Need Your Advice

I made two buttons for this blog...please tell me which you prefer...


Ok, due to a suggestion, I have added two more for you to choose from:


I know that they are all very similar...Please Vote! Please comment and let me know your choice.

Putting Things Into Perspective

About 3 months ago I was admitted to the hospital for a week.  During that time I think I only ate the last day and 1/2.  I lost about 20 pounds during my stay there.  The last time I weighed this much was about 10 years ago.  My face has slimmed down, so now I am at that stage where people wonder if I'm fat or pregnant.  I used to get asked all the time before when my baby was due, and I'd just look them straight in the eye and say "Never.  I'm just fat."  The reactions I got were priceless.  Usually people would get extremely embarrassed.  I got such a kick out of it!  Of course no one would ask me that now as I'm closing in on the half-century mark.

Anywhos, they would weigh me each day while I was still in bed.  They have some new contraption that will subtract the tare weight (the bed) from the total weight.  I was told my weight in kilograms.  Well, they might have well just spoken to me in Latin or Greek.  I have no idea how much a kilogram is! 

When I finally got home from the hospital, it was my mission to find some old clothes, to see what I could fit into.  I figured I could get a better idea of my weight by what size clothes I could fit into.  Now I realize that weight and size are not synonymous, but I could get close.

I found a pair of khaki overalls I bought about 12 years ago, and they actually fit!  I was dumbfounded!  So I put them on and was strutting my stuff and told anyone that would listen "I haven't worn these in over 10 years!"

Enter youngest son: "I don't blame you, they're UGLY."

Thursday, April 1, 2010

It's Been a Rough Week

And to top things off, I completely lost my other blog (What's a Mom to Do? @ ) and I spent several hours rebuilding it, but the things I couldn't get back were my pages, my posts, the replies to my posts and my followers.

So anybody that followed that blog, (I had 51 followers) please follow me again.  You can find me in your followers gadget.  My name is Jacki and my posts are from "imamom".  I left a reply to all that followed me.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Tube Boob(s)

So when a person gains weight, it's gained everywhere, and most people gain more in certain places.  But since you do gain everywhere, that includes your boobs (men and women alike.)  The problem with that is, if you are my age, you don't really want bigger boobs.

Why?  Because gravity is setting in...BIG TIME.  And the bigger the boobs, the more they sag.  So now because I'm so overweight, I've got way bigger boobs than I did when I was thin.  And boy do they sag.  And what makes it even worse is that because when I was younger, I was stupid (like most of us) and was unconcerned about getting older, certainly never considered that I'd gain weight or that my boobs would get bigger.  And of course because my boobs weren't that big back then, I went braless...a LOT.  Hence, the sag factor is exponential.  It's actually comical how much they sag. 

Now I'm not a big fan of men's mags, but I remember when I was younger someone showed me a cartoon in a Playboy magazine (I think) and it was of a topless old lady with super saggy boobs.  That's all I remember, but when I look in the mirror, I could swear they used my boobs as templates for hers.

Of course that's impossible, but in any case the resemblance is uncanny.  And I'm wondering if they'll reach my belly button when I'm her age?

Friday, March 26, 2010

Couldn't Have Said it Better

There are a few TV shows of which I am a die hard fan, one of them being "Dancing with the Stars."  If you don't watch the show, you should still be able to appreciate this post.  Niecy Nash is on this season, and she is a comedienne and an actress.  She is on Clean House, The Insider, and Reno 911, and I don't watch any of those shows.  However, I have seen her on the commercials for Clean House.  And she is a little chunky.

Anyway, during the first practice session, she's talking to her dance partner, and she said the following (which I am paraphrasing because I heard it last Monday):
"I like being here, however I have one major concern.  I'm not like most people.  I like my jiggly parts.  I like meat.  I like a little junk in the trunk."  She then went on to say how she's watched the show before and she's seen people lose weight and get thin and she's just not sure she wants that.

Like I said, I couldn't have said it better myself, and kudos to her for saying it on one of the top rated National TV shows!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sure Has Been Awhile

Not sure why I stopped blogging here.  Could have been time constraints (I got a new job around the time I stopped posting and I had the commute from hell) or possibly I felt I didn't have anything else to say, I'm not sure.  But I am reviving this blog, so check in each day, I should have new postings.  I also have added a few more things to this blog, so check it out!