Friday, July 25, 2008

True Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

WOW, that statement is so true. I remember when being young (in my teens and twenties) that I woud find someone EXTREMELY attractive. If it was a guy, I was usually sexually attracted. If it was a girl, I was envious.

But the most shocking part was getting to know the person. Most of what I thought were "beautiful people" were asses...either self indulgent, self centered, narsassistic, or just plain mean. After I got to know them, I wondered how in the HECK did I EVER see them as a "beautiful" person?

Shows how shallow I was at that young age. But at least I learned (well, with MOST people!)

Now I try not to judge until I get to know the "beauty within" (or lack thereof.)

It's hard though. Do any of you find that? We are all so conditioned to "like" certain things and "dislike" others, it is really hard to find that beauty within, or ignore the absence of it.

And the worst part is KNOWING you are wrong, but not being able to change it. My "first love" I was extremely attracted to, and he was oh so beautiful (to me.) But he treated me like crap. But I would run into him just out of the blue, and still be with him, no matter how bad he treated me.

To this day I still have good dreams about him...and if I saw him today I would prolly do the same, even though I am happily married...that is so sad.

Ok, so I haven't been funny yet...prolly cuz I am relieving stress at this point. Soon I will have lots of funny stuff to say, I promise.

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