Wednesday, July 23, 2008

No FAT CHICKS on board

Today during my commute home from work I looked over at the car next to me and on the dashboard was this HUGE sticker that said "No FAT CHICKS on board."

I was reminded of all the comedians that talk about "getting drunk and taking a fat chick home." What, you have to be DRUNK to consider having a one night stand, much LESS dating, an overweight person?

Then I flashed on all the commercials that show the beer bellied men with beautiful wives. Yeh, I bet that's typical...probably about as honest as the commercial itself.

Then I thought of how the average size in this country for a woman is 14. Two sizes smaller than me, granted, but all you ever see on TV is size 0 - 6 women. They're just not REAL. Those women pretty much starve themselves on a regular basis. If you went to pretty much any city in this country, you would see more women that look like me than looks like all the supermodels and actresses.

My thoughts then went to the movie "The Perfect Storm" and how Bugsy felt he couldn't get a gal so he went after the fat lady. And I was so proud of how they portrayed her. She was self confident, sure of herself, and wanted nothing to do with a guy that she thought was using her. The movie portrayed her as someone that really liked herself and her life. THREE THUMBS UP!

After my daydreaming and musings, I looked at the man that was driving the beat up car with the sticker that said "No FAT CHICKS on board." And I thanked God that I am so blessed to be overweight rather than snaggle toothed, ugly, having a poor complexion, non-hygienic, ignorant ass like the that guy.

And please, someone tell me, what on God's green earth makes people like him think he is special enough to place labels on people, much less make assumptions about people he has never met?

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Julie said...

Okay one more for tonight. Thank you. Enough said.
Take care and God Bless!!