Friday, July 18, 2008

My Musings/Thoughts for Today

The fact that the media and the world at large perpetuates that being fat is dangerous, unhealthy and worst of all, ugly, sickens me (and if you believe being overweight makes us UGLY, please check my links to the right of this post.)

That is being about as dumb as saying people that live in California are stupid because the cost of living is so high. But (DUH) our PAY is much higher too! I remember working as a waitress about 25 years ago...CA's minimum wage was like 5 times higher than the National minimum wage in every other state.

Ok, so I regress. Sorry.

Some of us DO make unhealthy choices, however there are many that don't. To say simply (as I have heard over and over again) "If you excercized, if you didn't eat so much, if you had more self control..."

Ok, ENOUGH! Some of us would LOVE to be rail thin...isn't that what the world expects? But why can't we be happy being ourselves? The world would be a much happier place.

A month or so ago I took a treadmill test. My doctor told me that my heart was EXTREMELY healthy...the muscle was strong and I had NO blockage. So much for being unhealthy because I'm overweight.

Now granted, we should love ourselves as we are, but also try to improve ourselves on a daily basis. But I sincerely believe MOST of the people the media shows us are anorexic. It is TOTALLY unhealthy to be a size 2 when you are 5'9".

We are taught to diet diet diet, but then no one bats an eye when you go OFF that diet and eat Mc Donalds and the like. Ok, so shouldn't we judge ourselves by what we eat rather than what we weigh?

My 13 year old son is pretty chunky...but he gets TONS of excersize by walking uphill a mile from school everyday, skating, and bouncing on our trampoline, additionally he eats very healthy foods! I personally believe he is a GROWING boy...and that he will grow in HEIGHT to match his weight. I could be wrong, but his dad was also very chunky at 13 and grew into his weight...he is now 6'3".

In my mind's eye I am still 135 pounds. Unfortunately there are mirrors and cameras in the world that remind me differently. But until I see those pictures...when I only see myself in my minds eye...I am a totally happy person being the size I am! So I resent that the rest of the world is telling me I am lazy and unhealthy and eat too much blah blah blah.

Did you know that the English language is the ONLY language to place emphasis on the ADJECTIVE rather than the NOUN? It is done by placing the adjective BEFORE the noun...English is the only language that does this. So instead of being a WOMAN first and foremost, what our language stresses is that I am FAT, or beautiful, or smart, or white. No wonder we have so much tension in this country! And even with "political correctness", it is still the adjective that counts!

I seriously wonder if our grammar was different, we wouldn't be so fast to judge others.

Ok, so today's ponderings weren't humorous...give me a break. I'm a mom, a wife, I'm fat, old, and I'm a woman. That in itself is enough to keep me cranky for life.

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