Saturday, July 19, 2008

Big May be Beautiful BUT...

I know most people see fat people as ugly, gross, whatever. They do NOT see the beauty of within. Isn't that what we are all supposed to focus on? Remember the term "Don't judge a book by it's cover"?

Well, in my musings and thoughts for today, I realized I am totally happy with my inner self. I am totally happy with my outer self. But I must admit that when I see myself in a mirror, I remember what I used to look like and I like that vision better. SHAME ON ME.

But honestly, most people think fat is ugly. Well, no wonder, with how the American media perpetuates slimness. OMG, they made Kate Moss a super model, and she was only skin and bones, and in my opinion looked extremely sick.

But, the point I am going to make here, is no matter what we think of ourselves, we all DO need to take society and the brainwashing it has received into consideration. We must NOT be totally self centered.

Today I flashed on something I saw a few years ago, and shame on me, but it grossed me out. My hubby and I were at the Boat Drag Races in Red Bluff, CA with our teenage sons. There was a woman there that was about 5'4" and had to have weighed 350 pounds easy. Ok, no biggie, there are a lot of us that are really overweight. My issue was the way she dressed.

She had short shorts on and a bikini top which barely covered her nipples. There were a gazillion rolls anywhere you looked. She had stretch marks EVERYWHERE. Her boobs were barely bigger than her back boobs. The short shorts were way too tight, and her legs showed extreme cellulite which looked like popcorn. I should have gotten a picture. She might as well been naked for all she covered up!

Ok, kudos to her for being self confident and loving herself enough to wear anything, but here is my objection...

I weigh about half that and I am taller than her. I would NEVER consider wearing a bikini top EVER, much less her entire outfit, ESPECIALLY in a crowd. I do have pride. I wear shorts, but not the kind that go up my butt crack and show my crotch. I have respect for other people. I know they don't want to see a spectacle. Love yourself, love your body, but don't subject the rest of us to it.

Oh, and by the way, I felt the same way about all the skinny girls wearing really short skirts and barely covering their ta-tas. They were mostly young, and wanted the attention, but that is as bad as the fat woman wearing what she did.

Why do young women (and some older women that are scared of being old) feel the need to have men ogle them? Why do women feel that they need a MAN to accept them for them to accept themselves? I just don't understand that...

My point is this...



SueW said...

not sure what you are saying here - that you feel NO ONE should wear "revealing" clothing? Whatever the case, couldn't it be said that we all have different ways of respecting our bodies? That is, for one person, dressing modestly is a way of respecting their body but for another dressing in clothing which reveals a lot of their body might also be a way of respecting their body. We all have different prospectives. For example, I've seen some very fat ladies in revealing clothing whom I thought looked awesome and some very slim ladies in similar stuff whom I thought did not look good at all. Beauty remains in the eye of the beholder... methinks! :)

Anonymous said...

I totally understand and agree with ya...I've got some fat on me but I wouldn't consider myself as totally fat...I am a little over 200 lbs. but yeah nothing compared to the one you explained here...and yeah I don't understand either why women, skinny or fat, think they have the need to show off their me it is a sin showing off your body cause it's like you're exposing yourself to the public and our bodies should be private & with our husbands only.

The Funny Fat Chick said...

Sue, I agree that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. AND I agree with you that we all have different perspectives on what is revealing and what isn't. That's what makes the world so grand...our different perspectives!

I think, for me, it is how revealing you are willing to go. I live near a lake resort and the bathing suits some of these gals wear...well, let's just say they might as well be wearing nothing.

I know that most skinny people will say I am jealous, but that's not true. I never dressed like that as a teenager or in my twenties, when I was thin.

Bottom line is, I am not trying to tell anyone what to do or how to think. I am just stating my humble opinion. But I love it when I am challenged; it makes me think more!

So thank you for your perspective and your post! I certainly hope to hear more from you soon.

The Funny Fat Chick said...

Anonymous, Thank you for your post. It is nice to know that someone feels the same way I do. And as Sue said, respecting our bodies means something different to everyone. But as I said, it's nice to know there are others that agree with me!
Hope to hear more from you soon!